(The real arepa, not the fake ones)

The basic diet of the Indians consisted mainly of yucca, banana and corn that is how our story begins.

Mara, one day realized that chewing the corn repeatedly could make a doughy paste, she put it into a round clay pot and left it on the fire and this is how she reinventing the way of feeding her family.

The Italian Galeotto Cei told in his travel diary how the women on the Maras tribe spent days preparing everything to make this wonderful dish. Over time, the corn began to be shelled by gathering two stones to make the dough and this until the invention of the pylon: a wooden device that worked like a mortar, grinding the corn.

In 1960 Polar companies launched to the market the precooked corn flour P.A.N under the slogan "Se acabo la piladera" phrase making mention of how the days of the pylon were over. The project was developed by the Mechanical Engineer Luis Caballero Mejías, ending an era where make arepas, costed all your week.